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Knowing where to look for carpet in Denver

Buying carpet can be a headache.

Take a friend with you to buy carpet in Denver.Finding the carpet for your space. Confirming that the warranty is the best available. Trusting the salespeople. Trusting installation. Knowing what you’re getting.

That’s why when you buy carpet with us, from our warehouse, you will be presented with all the information you need, and by non-pushy salespeople. We know you may want to shop around, and that’s fine: you won’t find a better offer for carpet anywhere in Colorado. We will win on price, quality, warranty, and installation. Continue reading

Summer Carpet Sales!

We’re having a carpet sale!

Site-wide, we’re offering discounts of up to 20% off our carpet: all of our carpet tiles, Stainmaster carpet, carpet remnants, and more.

Give us a call at (720) 443-3758 for the best prices for carpet in the entire Denver metro area.

Also, until August 30th 2013, we’re also providing $100 off Denver carpet installation – call now for details.

What to Know About Wholesale Carpet

whole-sale /ˈhōlˌsāl/
The selling of goods in large quantities to be retailed by others.

Wholesale means the price that a manufacturer offers to retailers. We get wholesale prices on carpet. We keep our overhead so low that we can offer wholesale pricing to our customers.

Other carpet stores have lots of overhead: they have expensive locations that cost thousands of dollars a month to lease and maintain. We keep our costs low by having a carpet warehouse: this allows us to pass those thousands of dollars of savings to our customers and still make a profit.

Call us today for the best carpet deals in Denver.

If you’re not buying wholesale carpet, you’re buying retail carpet. If you’re buying retail carpet, you’re paying too much.
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Discount Carpet – What to know about Denver carpet “secrets”

Our low prices are no secret: we sell carpet wholesale, not irregular

Denver CarpetOne of the major players in the Denver discount carpet market is Sloan’s Carpet Secret. Their deal is that they sell consumers “irregulars;” carpet that has not been approved by the manufacturer for general sale.

The irregularities that discount carpet dealers work with are small, and consumers approve the carpet before it is installed in their homes. Continue reading